The world leader in non-invasive treatments using MR-guided focused ultrasound. Since its establishment in 1999, more than $150 million has been invested in clinical and technical R&D to develop the concept of MR guided focused ultrasound into a clinically viable technology. The company has developed ExAblate Neuro, a new platform for Neurosurgery applications. Currently is it the only technology that can provide 1 mm accuracy without incision or radiation or treatment of the brain.


ElMindA was founded in 2006 to address an unmet need for objectively assessing brain health and brain-related disorders over the course of an individual’s lifetime. ElMindA translates state-of-the-art neuroscience via advanced algorithmic science into clinically meaningful Brain Network Activation (BNA™) maps. ElMindA’s BNA technology measures, analyzes and maps the complex activity underlying neurological function and dysfunction.


Established in 2003, Brainsway has developed deep transcranial magnetic stimulation (dTMS), enabling noninvasive activation of deep brain structures for the effective treatment of a broad range of brain disorders. “Conventional” TMS has only been able to penetrate the superficial layers of the cortex which significantly limited the technique’s effectiveness. With deep TMS, virtually any brain region, whether superficial or deep, can be targeted with unprecedented specificity and neuronal activity selectively excited or inhibited.

Alpha Omega

Established in 1993, Alpha Omega is now considered the leading company in the USA in the field of neurosurgical and electrophysiological navigation with microelectrode recording (MER). In Europe, Alpha Omega is second in sales only to Medtronic. Alpha Omega is also involved in developing systems for neuroscience research. Its systems are being used by the world’s leading neurosurgeons and researchers. Furthermore, its penetration into this market enables the company to predict and play a role in driving where the market will be in the future.