Ben Gurion University

Prof. Abraham Zangen, Life Sciences Department, Ben Gurion University. The laboratory is carrying out collaborative work to establish the basis of combined deep TMS and EEG, using attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) as the test indication. This group is also involved in the basic science components of the project, including electrophysiological work in preclinical models of depression.

Hebrew University

Prof. Hagai Bergman, Professor of Brain Research, Hebrew University: The group is involved with various projects in the consortium, including optimization of targeting, stimulation and recording technologies for advanced DBS applications, and the development of FUS.

Holon Institute of Technology

Dr. Michal Balberg, Faculty of Engineering, Holon Institute of Technology. The group is focused on developing optic and acousto-optic functional brain imaging systems. The research is conducted in collaboration with Elminda and Brainsway, and the goal is to develop an optical neuromarker for dTMS treatments.


Prof. Shy Shoham and Prof. Eitan Kimel, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Technion. The group is working with Insightec to establish the mechanisms of neurostimulation with focused ultrasound, with the use of simulations and preclinical models.

Tel Aviv University

Prof. Yael Hanein, Head of the Centre for NanoScience and Nanotechnology, Tel Aviv University. The group is driving the establishment, study and optimization of electrode tissue interface technologies. Prof. Yehiel Levkovits. The group is coordinating and running the clinical depression project , in which stimulation and monitoring will be actively used to demonstrate the potential for optimized treatment.