Holon Institute of Technology

Dr. Michal Balberg, is a senior lecturer at the faculty of engineering, at Holon Institute of Technology (HIT). Michal joined HIT in 2015, and established a biophotonics laboratory. Her research focuses on developing optic and acousto-optic sensors and methods for monitoring and imaging of the brain vasculature. In addition she is working on wearable sensors for physiologic sensing.


Dr. Balberg is one of the developers of the acousto-optic brain monitoring technology. As a co-founder of Ornim Medical, she was one of the inventors of the unique technology that enables non-invasive, localized monitoring of blood flow within the brain’s vasculature. Her current research is aimed at developing an acousto-optic functional array for brain imaging. As part of a recent BSF funded research effort, she is working on developing this technology for monitoring hemodynamic changes within cerebral tissue.
As part of the BSMT consortium, Dr. Balberg’s group will collect optical (NIRS) signals during specific cognitive tasks, and compare them with fMRI data obtained during the same tasks. In addition a combined EEG-NIRS neuromarker will be developed for pre-screening of patients who can benefit from specific treatment protocols.