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Since Alpha Omega inception in 1993, it has played an important role in fostering innovation and development in two main areas - neuroscience research and functional neurosurgery. Over the last two decades, Alpha Omega pioneered leading edge technology in both fields and humbly received international recognition from numerous global experts. In 2013, the company introduced the latest innovation in neuroscience technology and the new gold-standard in MER: The Neuro Omega.

Alongside this novel MER solution are many more updates to our current neurosurgery suite designed to fits user’s needs and exceed your expectations, day after day, with the utmost precision and reliability and by far the best noise reduction hardware and software available in the operating room.

The company products are technologically sophisticated, versatile, and highly robust and functional. In the clinical setting, this translates into excellent and reliable recordings which result in optimal localization and maximum benefit for the patient. In the research setting the same qualities allow the scientist to focus on the experiments and the resulting data and not on trouble-shooting the system.

Alpha Omega improves the quality of patient care in the areas of neurology and neurosurgery, by providing superior technological solutions and state-of-the-art tools for those who work to reveal the mystery of the brain and find cures for neurological disorders.

Alpha Omega selected Products

Neuro Omega

Neuro Omega is the latest technological breakthrough in MER. Innovative software and hardware implemented in the Neuro Omega make this all-encompassing system ideal for both clinical MER applications and advanced research needs. Its main features are:

Expandable up to 122 channels. Online data streaming to MATLAB and C++. Closed loop stimulation control through data streaming or direct-to-processor scripting. Stimulation capabilities including conditional stimulation, programmable stimulation, and arbitrary wave definition. Its multi-source, multi-polar stimulation capability allows for 3D stimulation control. The system incorporates: single cable exiting the sterile field for electrode positioning, recording and stimulation. Online statistics including evoked potentials. Unique dual screen display and customizable Workspace. It is fully compatible with all stereotactic frames. Precision movement with an electronic drive automatic or manual Microdrive.


NeuroNav is a state-of-the-art MER system used clinically in the localization of surgical targets for the implantation of Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) electrodes or ablation of target structures, in the treatment of neurological and psychiatric diseases. The NeuroNav allows for safe and accurate introduction of electrodes into the brain, while recording neural activity, stimulating neural tissue, and guiding the user to the optimal target. Its DBS electrode implantation is direct without backing up drive or removing cannulas fully compatible with all stereotactic frames. The précised movement is controlled with an electronic drive automatic or manual Microdrive.

This system is ideal for all DBS centers and community hospitals interested in flexible usability, affordability, and compact size.

AlphaLab SnR™

Multi-channel workstation with complete advanced data acquisition and neural stimulation capabilities for both free moving and restrained subjects.

The AlphaLab SnR is fully integrated with high-throughput system that allows users to record and stimulate, with unprecedented ease and flexibility, from a virtually endless number of channels. The system brings microelectrode recording from passive observation to active control and sophisticated interaction with neural circuits.

It allows researchers to create an unlimited number of stimulation paradigms, as well as enabling to trigger and control stimulation based on an external analysis or behavioral system, digital inputs, threshold crossings, template matches, or other user-defined criteria. Additional tools, such as current return path controls, current monitors, and immediate stimulation logging, make the AlphaLab SnR the most advanced stimulating and recording system available today.

The AlphaLab SnR can be configured with 16 to 128 channels, and multiple systems can be cascaded to reach higher channel counts. It has the capability to manage data from a large number of spike and LFP channels, as well as analog and digital inputs from video tracking, behavioral, or other external systems.

Onboard user-programmable DSPs give users the tools to create closed-loop applications with real-time communication.

(*) Additional information about the EPS – a versatile electrode positioning system, MultiDriver Terminal – an electrode manipulator and positioner, and TeleSpike Mini – 5 channels microelectrode recording system can be found in company’s website and brochures.

Medical consumable

Alpha Omega manufactures a large selection of electrodes, guide tubes, and electrode input cables. The diverse selection can be further customized and is compatible with all drives and MER systems. The consumables are now offered pre-sterilized to save time, cost, and hassle in the OR.

Electrodes and other peripherals for daily use Microelectrodes

  • Microelectrodes in different materials
  • Shielded / non-shielded
  • Customized dimensions according to customer demands
  • Excellent recording quality, impedance stability


  • Standard sizes and Customized dimensions according to customer demands
  • Tapered / standard
  • Pre-Sterilized Accessories

Single Electrodes

Complete line of single robust and durable electrodes available to meet your research needs.

Microelectrode Arrays (MEA) Endless design alternatives for recording and stimulation 

The MEA is a high-quality, high-channel count, versatile probe for both acute and chronic recording and stimulation. MEA’s may be designed with between 4 to 128 penetrating microelectrodes per array, and customizable designs are offered to meet each researcher’s precise needs.

Linear Microelectrode Arrays (LMA)

The LMA is a highly customizable, multi-contact probe designed to provide multiple electrodes along one or more shafts.

Floating Microelectrode Arrays (FMA) 

The FMA offers optimum flexibility and reliability for both acute and chronic applications.


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President: Mr. Imad Younis


Tel: +972-4-6563327